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27/? times hoseok makes me ajhdskaf;
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Anónimo: do you guys think Junho is homophobic?


It’s been two years since Junho followed @kimjhogwangsoo, one of the few openly gay people in the South Korean entertainment industry. Obviously Junho is not bothered by the content of his tweets which often bring awareness to LGBT issues. They first met when Junho and Chansung went to a screening of his movie Two Weddings and a Funeral about two gay couples. In 2013 on MBC’s talk show Radio Star Junho revealed he’s close friends with Hong Seokcheon, another openly gay man. Also last year, in Japan, Junho’s guest on several episodes of his own show “Say Yes Friendship” was Ai Haruna, a Japanese transsexual TV personality. Junho is quite friendly with the members of the LGBT community. ^^

These are just facts as we do not know him so intimately. If you disagree or want to know our personal thoughts message us unanon so we can talk privately.

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