foxes flirt with me, booty clap.

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Happiness is doubled when you share them together and Sadness is halved when you share them together.

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Digimon meme: 14 Digidestined  

Tachikawa Mimi (1/14)
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Reblog with your favorite song:

2AM: -
2PM: A.D.T.O.Y / Tired Of Waiting
4Minute: I'm Okay
AA: -
APink: I Don't Know
A-Prince : -
After School: Shampoo
B1A4: Tried To Walk
B.A.P: Lovesick
B2ST: Fiction
Beenzino : -
Big Bang: Haru Haru
Block B: Be The Light
Boyfriend: Good Night
Brown Eyed Girls: Even If You Have Another
BTS : 24/7
Chocolat: One More Day
CNBlue: Don't Know Why
Dalmatian: -
EXO: Lucky
F.Cuz: -
FT Island: Severely
f(x): Sorry (Dear Dad)
Girl's Day: Don't Forget Me / Nothing Lasts Forever
Girls' Generation: Into The New World
Hello Venus: Again
Infinite: Paradise
JJ Project: -
JYJ: -
Kara: Pandora / 1+1
LED Apple: -
M.I.B : -
MR.MR : -
miss A: From One To Ten
MYNAME: What's Up
Nine Muses: Dolls / News
Nu'est: I'm Sorry
Rainbow: I Believe / To Me
RaNia: Goodbye
SS501: -
Secret: My Boy
SHINee: JoJo / Kiss Kiss Kiss
Shinhwa: This Love
Sistar: Give It To Me
Super Junior: Bonamana
Supernova: -
Sunny Hill: Pray
T-ARA: I'm Okay / I Go Crazy Because Of Yoy
TaeTiSeo: Baby Steps
Teen Top: To You
UKiss: 0330
VIXX: Someday
Wonder Girls: Tell Me
ZE A: -
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